Storytelling Classes

Do you have a group of friends, or work colleagues who want to improve their storytelling or speaking skills. Or maybe a group of you want to learn how to tell historical or family stories. Contact me to set up a class schedule to suit your time.


The ancient medium of storytelling is even more relevant today. No special equipment is needed: only your voice. Learn how to tap into this accessible form of communication by choosing a folktale and participating in a series of fun activities designed to help you prepare your story for telling. Learn how to give and receive feedback. All materials, including folktales, are supplied by the instructor.

Monday evenings, 6-9 PM, January 16-February13. Suggested fee $100.00. Register at:

Storytelling Performances

Visual art and storytelling both use imagery and metaphor to express the beauty and variety of the world we live in and our deepest hopes and cares. I love sharing stories with everyone I meet. Delving into a world of myths and legends, culture and history; teaching about the past and sharing the present. Whether you are planning a small intimate gathering or a large festival, I have a story to share with you.

“Giving Birth Beside the Buffalo” The Story of Marie Anne Lagimodiere
“The Iron Rose”  The Story of Dr. Charlotte Ross the first female doctor in Manitoba
“The Silver Branch”  Stories of the Celts
“When the Heart is Brave” Stories to build courage and empathy for children and adults
“Night Rider in the Magic Garden” An evening of tales of ghosts and dragons and magic gardens
“The Rainbow Bridge”  Tales from the Norse

Storytelling Midwifery

Do you have a story to tell….one that you are working on? Let me help you give birth to your story.  I Have experience as a mentor both with individual storytellers and as the first storytelling mentor in residence at the Millenium Library in Winnipeg. Private or group lessons.

I am currently mentoring two emerging storytellers and I am finding it a wonderful way to connect with new friend and artists. With Zoom and Facetime, it’s now possible to receive mentoring from me in the comfort of your home, at any distance. I recommend any beginning tellers to seek feedback on their work from an experienced and caring performer. The world needs stories right now!

Art Lessons

1. Introduction to Drawing: Another Way to express yourself

Age is no barrier for learning to draw. Anyone can learn if taught some very basic skills. Students will explore interesting subjects and develop an understanding of composition, form, light, and shadow. Drawing skills will enhance your painting or photography, or if you have never made any art before, drawing will bring appreciation for the environment, stress reduction, and a calming meditative experience.
8 weeks

2.  Mind Your Art: Art as meditation

Creating art is a way to access a meditative state of mind and the profound healing it brings because it demands that we are both present in the moment and that we are an observer. Explore a variety of art techniques that can help you practice mindfulness.